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Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Buy your Ukulele Online from Ukulele Australia. Own a piece of Happiness and buy a Leilani Uke.  All Leilani Ukuleles produce the Happy Sound. 

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When you pick up your first Ukulele and play a few strums then this is where it all begins. The Ukulele is an instrument which is easy to learn and is fun to play for anyone young and old. All Leilani Ukuleles produce the happy sound. Leilani is of Hawaiian origin and means heavenly lei. A Hawaiian lei symbolises high regard and love for the person to whom it is given.

Playing the Ukulele instrument or listening to the wonderful sounds of Ukulele music will bring you and your friends many hours of joy. The Uke is known to produce the 'Happy Sound'. Due to its handy size you can take it down to the beach, bring it along to your next trip or just play and enjoy your Ukulele at home or anywhere you like. Go on, try it! It's fun and easy and you can play the ukulele. You can also read our Ukulele blog.  

Over the Rainbow Ukulele Song by IZ

Summertime by Ukulele Cover by Ishshah Taganile


Jason Mraz Ukulele I'm Yours.

Tomo Ukulele Duo


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Famous People Playing the Ukulele - The Ukulele gains popularity worldwide

Drake (cover) by Kira

Warren Buffet (Billionaire) Playing the Ukulele


Beatles famous Ukulele Version of Ain't she sweet


Train - Top Ten Hit with Ukulele

The Ukulele Story

The story of the ukulele starts in Europe. By the 18th Century stringed, fretted instruments had a long history. Larger instruments such as guitars and lutes had developed smaller cousins of particular benefit for sea-faring musicians. In Portugal the guitar had shrunk down to became a machete – retaining the figure of 8 shape despite the size making it redundant.

In 1879 the Ravenscrag set off for Hawaii with four Portuguese cabinet makers on board. The market for large, ornate Portguese furniture amongst Hawaii’s largely poor and agrarian population presumably not being large enough to support them all, the four started to make instruments. The one that took hold was the machete in a new form.

The truth behind much ukulele mythology that surrounds the ukulele – where it got its name, the tuning and ‘my dog has fleas’ – is mostly lost to us. What is true is that the uke became a big hit with the Hawaiian Royal Family and the Hawaiians in general and had become firmly established as their instrument by the start of the 20th Century.

After the US’s annexation of Hawaii – or when the, “business men stole Hawaii from the Hawaiians” as Bob Brozman puts it – the new owners were keen to sell it on to mainland America as a dream tropical island. Their big push was the Panama Pacific international Exposition in 1915. Their show included plenty of ukulele music and featured the ukuleles of Jonnah Kumalae. It sparked the original ukulele boom in the 1920s amoungst people dreaming of the Hawaiian Islands. 

The ukulele started to move away from purely a Hawaiian novelty and became such a part of music making that by the start of the 30s most piano scores featured ukulele chord diagrams. Thanks to Ukulele Ike, the uke’s image turned almost 180 degrees to become associated with smoky bars, trilbies and jazzy songs. Fast forward and In much later years you can see the Beatles hurling the ukelele back into prominence with their version of 'Ain't she sweet'. Then the modern Hawaiian Ukulele superstars such as Jake Shimabukuro and the late Israel 'IZ' Kamakawiwo'ole who will never be forgotten with his wonderful verison of 'Somewhere over the Rainbow.  

In 2011, the internet has put ukulele music in front of people and has created a groundswell growth of people being inspired to pick up the instrument by others like themselves who are playing for their own enjoyment rather than superstardom such as Bands like Jason Mraz, Train and our little hero here who is playing a cover of I'm Yours.

The Ukulele is Easy to Learn - Watch some Ukulele lessons videos below

Ukulele Lesson Video

Ukulele Lesson Video

Ukulele strums

Ukulele Strums

*We offer free gig bags and free shipping with the majoriity of our ukulele purchases. Some exception apply. Please do check the item description for details. 

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